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  2. I think more vigilance and awareness needs to be raised. One of my friends who has been working for a top Los Angeles DUI attorney told me that it is very important to get everything under surveillance as it will drastically reduce such crimes.
  3. Company: Yumpling (food truck) Workdays: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Time: 3:30 AM - 7:30 AM Location: Start in Long Island City, Queens, New York. Finish in Midtown Manhattan, New York. Job: Drive the food truck (24 feet in length) from Queens to Manhattan, park on the curb at a pre-designated spot every workday, wait inside the truck until 7:30 when the staff will arrive. Compensation: $60 per day, $240 per week, paid weekly Requirements: 1+ years driving large vehicles, must supply recent driving record from the DMV, have a cellphone with texting, CDL license a plus Contact: 315-664-6629
  4. bthomforde

    Percentage of women truckie's

    While I don't know the numbers, the number of women in the trucking industry is growing rapidly. This souldn't be any surprise, women are very capable of doing the job and doing it very well.
  5. Horry

    Percentage of women truckie's

    I don't know why, but women driving trucks are very interesting and fun persons)
  6. Horry

    Welcome to the Dash Cam Forum

    I use MiVue 538 by Magellan. Easy to use, convenient, 1080p, great display💃
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