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  2. I think more vigilance and awareness needs to be raised. One of my friends who has been working for a top Los Angeles DUI attorney told me that it is very important to get everything under surveillance as it will drastically reduce such crimes.
  3. Company: Yumpling (food truck) Workdays: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Time: 3:30 AM - 7:30 AM Location: Start in Long Island City, Queens, New York. Finish in Midtown Manhattan, New York. Job: Drive the food truck (24 feet in length) from Queens to Manhattan, park on the curb at a pre-designated spot every workday, wait inside the truck until 7:30 when the staff will arrive. Compensation: $60 per day, $240 per week, paid weekly Requirements: 1+ years driving large vehicles, must supply recent driving record from the DMV, have a cellphone with texting, CDL license a plus Contact: 315-664-6629
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