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    I love everything to do with custom semi trucks!

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  1. Hyperlink the address to your website. You'll get more clicks. People tend to be really lazy.
  2. Something that doesn't have to get out and pee every thirty minutes. You're best bet is something you can train easily, like a Lab or Pointer. You could always get something mean so no one messes with your cab, like a Rotweiler or a Doberman.
  3. Message your local representative, I'm not sure if Canada operates the same was as the states but I've had success getting data like this from local reps. Specifically, sales figures for certain industries, fuel consumption, and driving conditions over the year. Most of the info isn't readily available on wikipedia or google.
  4. Old Macks are what I love to drive. I have drivers that haul granite come through our shop every day and they swear by their Macks.
  5. This about sums it up. The driver was fine, I just don't know how the hell you mess up this bad. If you see the rest of the pictures there is no way he should be were he is right now!
  6. It seems things will turn around eventually. I hate all these "apocalypse is near" people. We just need a push for more natural gas uses to take advantage of its all time low price.
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