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  1. Leah’s Bookkeeping

    Trucking Business Specialist





    Are you a small business, new business or owner operator needing help to either catch up your accounting, administrative needs or both? I offer small, and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals an opportunity to outsource their accounting and payroll needs.


    Every business needs timely and accurate accounting to help forecast and make daily operating decisions. I can provide the accounting services you need and answer questions regarding your trucking business.

    • Bookkeeping Services - QuickBooks
    • Generate Financial Reports
    • Payroll Services - 1099s
    • Administrative Support
    • DOT Drug Testing Registration
    • Employee Files and Records
    • Invoicing
    • Word Processing
    • Design Personalized Forms for your Company
    • Help with the DOT Audit
    • Maintenance Record
    • Accident Register
    • Notary Service
    • NO CHARGE Fax Service (for set up packages and confirmation sheets)
    • NO CHARGE on IFTA Reporting

    I have experience in all this and more, however there is one thing I cannot do… drive an eighteen-wheeler. Let me help you with your paperwork while your truck is rolling.


    Regardless of your location, we can manage all of your bookkeeping and administrative needs. My goal is to enable you to focus your time and resources in other areas to promote growth and increase profits.



    Leah Birindzic

    Phone 720-352-6003

    Fax: 303-496-0711

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