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  1. Has anyone got information on a company ???? Interstate Commerce Financial Credit Corp. 18000 Studebaker Road, Suite 700 Cerritos, California They claim to be able to do a BMC85 for about $500 in plus their fee of $350 and about $300/month.
  2. Last month, I won against the DOT, Federal Motor Carrier, assisting my wife's trucking company MC Transportation (MC LLC). The DOT has become an agency whose employees consider themselves above the law, utilizing the full power and pleasure of the federal government. They made a mistake which put my wife's company out of service. When I made them aware of their error, they admitted it but would not put her back in service, literally destroying her company. Lawyers were afraid to even take the case for fear of reprisals by DOT. When I became angry after a week of lies and stalling tactics by t
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