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  1. It is not what I am looking for but what the companies are looking for. They want to hire drivers that haven't had any accidents, because of the insurance reasons. If there was any companies out there that would hire me anyway, I would have already been out there. oldrs
  2. Are you looking to drive trucks? it is hard life. It you are married or have a lot of things that you own it makes it hard. I have been there, I am married with 1 child and it was hard being away from them. And now that I have been out of work from driving a semi, I do not know who to approach about getting another job. I have 33 months total experience driving a semi but my last job was for a company that didn't keep up the maintence on their equipment and would not let their truck drivers take the trucks into a garage at any truck stop when it was in need of repairs while out on the road. You had to drive it like it was even if it meant that you might cause a wreck. And now if any drivers look somewhere else they can't get a job because of them.
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