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  1. What is the amount of contribution by trucking industry towards the GDP of Canada.
  2. Trucking is a unique job and lately women are taking part on it for semi vehicles etc. I wanted to know that on average what would be the percentage of women truck driver in USA.
  3. I got this website bookmarked which goes like www.heartlandexpress.com check with them perhaps you get listed there. I am a reserach scholar and have been studying the shortage of truckers and its effect and while surfing over net i got handy with this website. Its good as i have contacted them also. Have a try.
  4. Where are you located. Well truck driving is not a rocket science so it will be easy for you to come in the grip in a short time. There are so many driving schools but the location is the factor.
  5. Ruthie your blog is amazing. I recited the lines and I was mesmerized by the way you have penned it. Amazing it is. Keep on writing such amazing bites.
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