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  1. Wow! Women driving trucks is awesome and obvisiously its shocking . Yes the number of women drivers are increasing.
  2. You can check with Driving Academy. it is very nice truck driving company, recently I shifted my home needs through them, they were very helpful and good drivers:)
  3. Honestly, its a hard task to keep up with the standards anymore thanks to the hike in oil and fuel prices. It surely is going to have the greatest impact on truck owners and drivers. Customers will still not be affected much, for them it's going to seep in more gradually.
  4. Oldrs, I really wonder what made you retain yourself with a company like that which doesn't give a darn about its drivers and equipment's?! That sure has affected your career prospects. But don't you worry because you are at the right forum now that'l help you work things out. Don't loose hope, best of luck my pal. Keep us updated.
  5. Hey which site is this? care to mention its name? would definitely want to check it out!
  6. I am not sure how this system works! I mean I think everyone has to get a fair chance to work..
  7. Hey how many women truck drivers are there in this forum? Anybody knows to handle hiab truck cranes??
  8. They should be able to provide me with an insurance. I mean safety comes first right ?
  9. Why is this data important? Are you doing some sort of research?
  10. Let me know where you are looking for training. I have a couple of friends I can suggest..
  11. I started trucking when I was 21 but got my own truck very recently during last September.. My truck is very much new
  12. Nice blog Ruthie I have thought abt starting my own blog too in a couple of days.. I must say, am really inspired
  13. If I am not wrong, the avg salary depends upon the place. Avg salary for a truck driver in NYwill be far more than a that of a truck driver from say Nebraska?! Just an example..
  14. I agree with Smart Trucking.. I am sure the percentage is pretty much higher now.. Woman happen to think truck driving is odd, but hey here I am.. Driving and happy
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