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  1. With prices of oil climbing higher now, we can see the price of fuel going up, the price of other products will follow (engine oil, rubber etc.), how quick do you think the rates for transporting will catch up with it, and how it's going to effect the availability of the freight , that every broker was so desperately trying to push cheep lately, so they can keep their customers (sellers/buyers).
  2. What would be the top 5 most important things in the trucking company for you to go and work for them as owner operator.
  3. If you take a number of women as drivers, then I'm sure the % is rising, as far as any other positions that have something to do with trucking bussiness , then I think that # has been big for a long long time.
  4. It's hard to give a number on the "avarage" salary, there's too many factors involved: location(not only the state,but also the company you work for), experience,trips you will be doing, the # of days you will be on the road and maybe few more factors that I'm missing.
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