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Women In Trucking Announces June Member of the Month

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Women In Trucking Announces June Member of the Month

Plover, WI (June 1, 2015 )- Women In Trucking Association(WIT) announces Tina Evans as its June Member of the Month. Tina isan owner/operator that has been driving an expedite truck for 14years with her husband Tom.


They chose expediting because it was common for a husband to be able to trainhis wife. With Tom’s background, this was the best choice for them.Once they purchased a truck, Tom went out on the road  to gain more experience.


Tina used Tom’s home time as an opportunity to practice her driving skills intheir truck. After getting her license, they went on the roadtogether. In 2011 they leased onto Load One.


After working with Load One, they realized how successful they could be withthem. They decided to fulfill their dream of owning a fleet andexpanded to four expediting trucks. They are doing so well with Load Onethat they hope to buy two more trucks this year. “We are hoping to be homemore as we grow as a company. We have two small grandchildren that weadore, and at this stage of the game, we like being home a little more,”Tina said.


One of the hardest things Tina had to adjust to when entering trucking wasattention from men. “The attention I garnered when in truck stops washard to deal with for a while; but I got used to it. The other hard thingwas being patronized by some of the shippers and receivers,” Tina said.


As many women in trucking who run with their husbands, Tina takes care ofpaperwork including making financial decisions. Tom, on the otherhand, takes care of working with their drivers andall mechanical things.

This does not mean Tina does not know mechanical; she can handle anythingrequired on the truck.


To read Tina’s full story visit the Women In Trucking website.


Tina and Tom will be working at the Expedite Expo both at the forums and theLoad One booth (B-4). To learn more about expediting and to meet them,plan on attending the 2015Expedite Expo on July 24-25 inWilmington, Ohio at the Roberts Convention Centre. 


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