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Shell Lubricants Sponsors Shell Truck Design Challenge Contest Offers Michigan Youth Opportunity to Design Class 8 Truck Interior to Meet Regulation S

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Shell Lubricants Sponsors Shell Truck Design Challenge


Contest Offers Michigan Youth Opportunity to DesignClass 8 Truck Interior to Meet Regulation Standards



HOUSTON –Shell Lubricants is pleased to announce the Shell Truck Design Challenge, acontest bringing the innovation of Class 8 truck design to some of thebrightest minds of the future. The contest challenges students to design theinterior of a prototype Class 8 truck.



Shell Eco-Marathon participants, as well as highschool and college students in Michigan, can register for the chance to win$1,000 for their school.



The contest is inspired by the Shell Eco-marathonAmericas, which challenges student teams to design, build and drive the mostenergy-efficient vehicle, as well as the AirFlow StarShip Initiative. A jointproject between Shell Lubricants and AirFlow Truck Company, the AirFlowStarShip will feature a completely new design with the aim of breaking currentfuel efficiency records for Class 8 trucks after its debut in 2017. Combiningthese two concepts presents the youth of the Americas with a unique opportunityto make an impact on the trucking industry.



“This contest is a great opportunity for next generationtechnology leaders to leave a lasting effect on the betterment of the truckingindustry and to push technology, comfort and safety to the next level for theforeseeable future,” said Kate Faucher, global marketing projects lead forShell Lubricants. “Working in tandem with the AirFlow project will allowstudents to gain a working knowledge of industry development and hopefullyspark a passion that will inspire generations to come.”



While much attention is given to the exterior designof a vehicle, the interior design and function are equally important with therapidly increasing integration of technology into current and future mobility.Entries are evaluated on relevance to the design element, design value andquality, concept originality and developmental potential, as well as thefollowing criteria:



  • Connectedness: The design must provide a connected environment that offers a technological platform that can provide consistent, interoperable and safe operations for all users. Elements to consider for integration include telematics, music, media, entertainment, GPS and more.


  • Safety: The design must demonstrate that proper safety has been integrated so that it meets current safety requirements. This includes seat belts, mirrors, airbags, etc. The use of connected devices and technology must include safety as a consideration to ensure that they do not distract the drier while operating the vehicle on the road.


  • Fuel Economy: Develop ways to monitor and increase fuel economy. This can include autonomous driving systems, ways to help the driver alter their driving style to achieve maximum fuel mileage, monitoring of engine and transmission functions, tire pressure and more.


  • Ergonomics: Design a truck interior that is suitable for driving on highways for long distances. Considerations should include comfort so as to minimize fatigue over a long drive. This includes seating, layout of the interior for easy intuitive use by the operator, integration/use of devices such as smart phones and more. The design can also include an optional living area for the driver.



Student entries will have to connect to at least oneand up to all four of the design criteria – connectedness, safety, fuel economyand ergonomics. To enter, students must submit renderings, drawings or sketchesshowing interior design from several perspectives, with one illustrating aperson and their expected driving environment. Additional deliverables includea brief essay about how the design element provides the operator of a Class 8truck with simple, functional and safe mobility. Entries will be evaluated onthe following criteria: relevance to the design element, design value andquality, concept originality and developmental potential.



The Shell Truck Design Challenge runs through April18, 2016. Winning design creators or teams in each of the four categories willbe announced at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Detroit in April. For official rulesand additional information about the contest, please visit the ShellTruck Design Challenge page located at Shell.com.




AboutShell Lubricants


The term ‘Shell Lubricants’ collectively refers to thecompanies of Royal Dutch Shell plc that are engaged in the lubricants business.Shell Lubricants companies lead the lubricants industry, supplying more than 12percent of global lubricants volume. * The companies manufacture and blendproducts for use in consumer, heavy industrial and commercial transportapplications. The Shell Lubricants portfolio of top-quality brands includesPennzoil®, Quaker State®, FormulaShell®, Shell TELLUS®, Shell RIMULA®, ShellROTELLA® T, Shell SPIRAX® and Jiffy Lube®.



*Kline & Company, “Global Lubricants Industry July2015: Market Analysis and Assessment.”



About Shell Eco-marathon


ShellEco-marathon is a global program that challenges high school and collegestudent teams to design, build and test the most energy-efficient vehicles.With annual events in the Americas, Europe and Asia, this innovationcompetition pushes future scientists and engineers to travel the farthestdistance using the least amount of energy. Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2016will take place April 22nd - 24th on the streets ofDowntown Detroit and is free and open to the public. Visit www.shellecomarathon.us to learn moreabout this weekend of free programs for all ages.





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