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Detention Poll

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1.    How often are you detained at docks?

a)    Never
B)    <25% of the time
c)    25-50% of the time
d)    51-75% of the time
e)    76-100% of the time

2.    What is the longest you’ve ever been detained at a dock?

a)    <2 hours
B)    2-4 hours
c)    4-6 hours
d)    >6 hours

3.    How often are you compensated (actually paid) for detention costs by the shipper?

a)    Never
B)    Rarely
c)    Most of the time
d)    All of the time

4.    Do you have a hard time getting paid for detention?

a)    Yes
B)    No

5.  A recent poll determined a fair detention rate to be $64 an hour based on either total revenue per mile or profit/net income per mile + fixed cost per mile?  Do you find this number to be:

a)  Too low
B)  About right
c)  Too high

6.  Do you believe that ELDs will greatly help carriers get paid for detention?

a)  Yes greatly
B)  Slightly help
c)  No

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