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President & CEO of Conversion Interactive Agency Kelley Walkup Celebrates 25 Years in Trucking

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President & CEO of Conversion InteractiveAgency Kelley Walkup Celebrates 25 Years in Trucking

Decades of Driver Recruiting& Retention Innovation Implemented Under Her Leadership


BRENTWOOD, TENN., October 4, 2017 – ConversionInteractive Agency’s President and CEO Kelley Walkup celebrates 25 years in thetrucking industry as her company continues the legacy she has created ofinnovation in driver recruiting and retention.


“I've learned that having people you can trulytrust and rely on is a huge part of success in business,” said Rob Hatchett, VPCommunications & Recruiting for Covenant Transportation Group. “KelleyWalkup is one of those people for me, and she has built her entire company tobe just like her. That's why so many people, including us, have greatconfidence that their recruiting efforts have strength under Kelley'soversight.”


Walkup started her career in trucking workingfor a carrier in her home state of Michigan, and after a decade in managementand operations at a large furniture retailer, she landed at what was thenTMI-MultiMedia. Walkup climbed the ranks quickly, and became the leader of theorganization, managing the day-to-day operations and sales for the driverrecruitment advertising agency.


In 2004, TMI-MultiMedia was purchased byFortune 500 Company, Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). Walkup remained thegeneral manager for what became ACS Advertising, and she was also named theorganization’s leader for the solution services side of the business, TripPakSERVICES.


Six years later, in 2010, ACS was acquired byXerox, and ACS Advertising and TripPak SERVICES became a Xerox Company. Duringher time as the general manager for ACS Advertising and TripPak SERVICES,Walkup and her team developed innovation that ultimately changed the waycarriers recruit, retain and train drivers today. These innovations includedeveloping digital and social media strategies like LeadFlex landing pages thatdrive online leads directly to the carrier’s applicant tracking system;becoming the first advertising agency in trucking to establish a social mediamarketing and advertising department; developing online training for driverorientation, and much more.


In February, 2015, Walkup purchased theadvertising agency and introduced the Conversion Interactive Agency brand tothe trucking industry. Since then, she has continued her legacy of innovationin recruiting by launching ConversionU, the training division of theorganization, creating ConvertIT, a solution for carriers to leverage theirdatabase with call, text and email campaigns, and most recently introducing arecruiting dashboard for Conversion clients to view leads and campaignperformance in real-time.


“Those days working under the executiveleadership of Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies were challenging but alsorewarding,” said Walkup. “I learned a lot about the importance of investing ininnovation, building great teams, and always holding the customer’s goals andobjectives as priority. While I’m glad I own the company today, I wouldn’tchange how I got here and the lessons I learned along the way.”


Walkup’s commitment to innovation is recognizedby her customers and the trucking industry. “Kelley has always been a leader inthe industry,” said Brad Vaughn, VP of Recruiting for Maverick Transportation.“She is the person others look to in the driver recruiting business to find outwhat is coming next and what technological advances we should be ready for.”


In addition to the industry-leading innovationWalkup and her team have developed over the years, she is also the owner andfounder of the annual Recruitment &Retention Conference,the largest event for driver recruiting professionals in the trucking industry.


Today, Walkup and the team at ConversionInteractive Agency work with over 100 carriers of all sizes helping them exceedtheir recruiting and retention goals to grow their fleet and fill their trucks.Many of these clients are not only business partners, but have also becomefriends along the way.


“I first met Kelley in 1997 at the Mid AmericaTruck Show,” said Tim Norlin, VP of Driver Employment at Roehl Transport. “Webegan working together in 2003 when Multi-Media began handling the recruitmentmarketing for the carrier I was with. Through the years, Kelley has been astrategic partner. Her knowledge and expertise in driver recruitment issecond-to-none, and I owe a great deal of our recruitment success to her andher team. She has become a great friend to many of us in the industry, and Ilook forward to working with her for many more years to come!”


Walkup’s team continues to grow and evolve asthe driver recruiting and retention landscape becomes even more challenging. “Ihave always been committed to developing innovative strategies that helpimprove the bottom line for carriers,” said Walkup. “Driver recruiting andretention is such a tough challenge for carriers, and we are dedicated tohelping carriers fill their trucks, grow their fleet and recruit and retain theright drivers for their organization. That is our mission, and I don’t think itwill ever change.”


To find out more about Conversion InteractiveAgency, visit www.conversionia.com


About Conversion Interactive Agency

Conversion Interactive Agency is a full serviceadvertising agency specializing in driver recruiting, retention and trainingfor the trucking industry.  ConversionU, the organization’s trainingdivision hosts and manages the annual Recruitment and Retention Conference, thelargest event of its kind in the trucking industry.



Media Contact:  Priscilla Peters, VPMarketing & Training, Conversion Interactive Agency, 615-377-2595, ppeters@conversionia.com



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