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Trucks Wanted for Testing - compensated


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We are recruiting trucks for a compensated opportunity at the EPA's National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Lab. The Assessment and Standards Division of the EPA is testing a new Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) and is looking for trucks from the in-use vehicle fleet for emissions monitoring.


We will need copies of the maintenance records, repair records, active and inactive codes.


Compensation for the use of your unit and use of a loaner is negotiable.


This program requires the use of your vehicle for approximately 14 days. We would like less than 100,000 miles and more than 10,000 miles on your vehicle if possible. During our testing we will put approximately 3,000 miles on the unit. If your unit is DEF equipped, at the end of testing we would like to run the unit until the DEF fluid is empty to check for engine shut-down and engine codes. Your unit will be returned to you as it was received.


We are looking for four different engines that should be in a 2011, 2012 or 2013 unit.


(1) Cummins ISX 11.9 with the DEF system having the engine Family number of:

B or C or D _CEXH0729XA_A or B or C or D. (12 digits total).


(2) Volvo MP10 or D16H with the DEF system having the engine Family number of:

B or C or D _VPTH16.1S01. (11digits total).


(3) Navistar MaxxForce 15 with the Advanced EGR system with engine Family number:

B or C or D _NVXH09280G_A or B. (12 digits total).


(4) Paccar MX 12.9 with engine Family number

B or C or D_ PCRH12.9M01. (11digits total).

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