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You can WIN against the DOT!!!!!

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Last month, I won against the DOT, Federal Motor Carrier, assisting my wife's trucking company MC Transportation (MC LLC). The DOT has become an agency whose employees consider themselves above the law, utilizing the full power and pleasure of the federal government. They made a mistake which put my wife's company out of service. When I made them aware of their error, they admitted it but would not put her back in service, literally destroying her company. Lawyers were afraid to even take the case for fear of reprisals by DOT. When I became angry after a week of lies and stalling tactics by the DOT employees in Atlanta, they put the DHS on me, calling me and threatening a formal pursuit if I did not "cease and desist!" Our Congressmen wrote letters and this only angered them more. Finally, because of an accident in the federal clerk's office...they accepted my criminal-civil complaint and motion for a restraining order + injunction before realizing that a LLC was considered a corporation and an individual or owner could not under federal court rules file as a "pro se" defendant! Because of this, we had time to get an attorney to at least enter the case so we could make service/summons. Once the local US-DA got served, within 24 hours the "out-of-Service" order was removed and she was back in business. Contact me if you ever need help fighting this American Gestapo unit and I will be glad to help you.

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