Get drivers when and where you need them. saves us a ton of time when we're hiring. It's a relief to only receive applications that meet our hiring criteria. And the applications themselves are easy to read and act on. Brian, the experience and expertise of your team makes every interaction a pleasure. And the end result is a dependable flow of quality drivers

- Craig Dunbar, Director of Recruiting
  Valley Transportation Services Inc., Grand Meadow, MN

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Benefits of our Advanced Recruiter Interface

  • Quickly search our entire database of truck drivers. Search by any combination of criteria: location (up to 500 miles from zip code), experience, endorsements, driving record, driver/owner operator, ability to cross borders, and more.
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  • Save time by getting just the applications you want. Set your hiring criteria, and you'll receive only new applications that fully match.
  • Easily manage job listings over time. When a position gets filled you can archive the listing and simply reactivate it later. Of course you can edit your listings at any time.
  • Help applicants get to know and like you. Create a company profile page that details your job requirements, company benefits and how you differ from other trucking firms. Job seekers often consult these company profiles, ensuring the best driver/company matches. View sample company profile.

Choose from two service options:

  1. Job posting packs

    Create a set of job postings that are easily searched by the drivers who visit

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  2. Monthly subscriptions

    Subscriptions let you search the driver database, receive job applications from drivers that match your criteria, set up a company profile page, and manage job postings.

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  2. Schneider
  3. Valley Transportation Services, Inc
  4. Challenger Motor Freight
  5. Super Service LLC
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