About TruckDriver.com

TruckDriver.com is one of the oldest driver recruiting web sites on the Internet. What began as a hobby in 1996, before many people had even heard of the Internet, is now the standard for online truck driver recruiting.

We provide the most comprehensive online career resource for professional truck drivers through our network of quality truck driving jobs for drivers, owner operators and trucking companies.

TruckDriver.com has been owned and operated from the beginning by truck drivers. In 1975, Brian and Vona Thomforde got married and bought a truck. They drove team for North American Van Lines in the Household Good Division. In 1977 they switched to the High Value Products Division and began adding trucks to their operation. By the mid-nineties, they had 24 trucks on their fleet.

Around that time, Brian began looking for more efficient ways to attract drivers. The Internet seemed like a good place to post information so he registered TruckDriver.com as a domain name and started asking drivers to contact him.

By 2001, Brian and Vona had sold their last truck and were operating TruckDriver.com full time. Many prospective clients said, "Drivers don't know what the Internet is" or "Truck drivers don't use Internet" and while that was mostly true at the time, things changed very quickly.

TruckDriver.com is no longer a part-time hobby, it is a complete on-line application service providing trucking companies all across the United States and Canada a primary source for locating professional truck drivers.

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Debbie DeChamps - Sales
Vona Thomforde - Accounting
Brian Thomforde - Everything else