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Answers to Driver/Applicant Questions

Do you have jobs in my area?
Probably yes. You can see our current trucking job openings here. Most of the time we have job openings listed for all 50 states and several Canadian provinces. Our job listings change daily as positions are filled and others open up, or as new trucking firms list openings with us for the first time. Therefore, even in the rare case that you don’t see any openings in your area, submit your application to so that you’ll be considered when new openings come up. 

Can I get a truck driving job if I have a felony conviction or DUI/DWI on my record?
This depends on the trucking company, of course, but some fleets are willing to overlook a felony conviction or DUI/DWI, depending on the driver’s other qualifications. By looking up a particular company you are interested in driving for in the Our Fleets directory, you can find the qualifications that that firm requires.

Can I make sure my application doesn’t go out to my current or former employer?
Yes. If you want to make sure your application does not go out to a particular company, simply uncheck the box in front of that company’s name on the bottom section of the Application Form.

How do I apply for a certain job opening and not to all the rest?
In the bottom section of the Application Form, uncheck boxes so that only the company or companies to which you want your information sent are checked.

Is it possible to update my application after I submit it?
Yes. Login to your account by entering your email address and password in the upper right corner of any page of this website. If you’ve forgotten your login information, retrieve it here.

Do you sell or rent my email address to other companies after I apply for a job through your site?
No. We respect the privacy of your information. Review our complete privacy policy here.

What if I have other questions?
The fastest way to get a question answered is to click on the Live Chat link in the upper right corner of any page of this website, if that box says that we are online. Otherwise, please submit your question through our Contact Us page.

Answers to Recruiter Questions

Why should we recruit through your site?
Our recruiter clients tell us that we have the most user-friendly applications and that our job listings get the best results. See our testimonials for details.

Can more than one recruiter from the same company share an account?
With our Monthly Plan, yes. In that case, an unlimited number of recruiters from your company can log into your administrative account, search our database and receive applications. 

How many jobs can we post at one time?
With our Monthly Plan, you may post as many jobs as you have. There is no limit.

How often can we search your database for drivers?
With both the Monthly Plan and the 7 Day Plan, you may search our database of truck drivers as often as you like. We receive new driver applications just about every day.

Is it more efficient to post job openings or search your database for drivers?
This totally depends on your preferences. When you post job openings, you’ll receive driver applications that match your requirements by email, while searching the database yourself gives you instant access to qualified candidates whenever you need an additional driver. You can try it both ways and see which works best for you.

How do I login?
Login to your account by entering your user name and password in the upper right corner of any page of this website. 

What if I’ve forgotten my login information?
If you’ve forgotten your login information, retrieve it here.

Do you allow 3rd party Recruiters ?

Answers to Advertiser Questions

How many unique visitors do you have per month?
If you're a potential advertiser, please contact us and we'll provide you with the information you need to make a well-informed decision about advertising on our site.

What kind of response could we expect from advertising on your site?
You’d have a hard time finding a more appropriate site than on which to place your trucking-related advertising message. Drivers from every state and province visit the site to find truck driving jobs, often multiple times a month. Our newsletter, published twice a month for everyone who submits data to our site as well as for other interested subscribers, offers another eagerly read advertising venue. View a sample advertiser report.