Testimonials from Recruiters and Job Seekers

Recruiter Praise

I'm writing to express my satisfaction with the service provided by TruckDriver.com. From the time that we began our partnership with your company, we have consistently received a substantial supply of quality employment leads. The number of responses has continued to increase with time, making the internet an exceptionally cost-effective recruitment tool. Additionally, we are very pleased with the level of customer service, professionalism and support that has been evident every step of the way. We look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship with Truckdriver.com. Keep up the great work, and keep the leads coming!
Julie Anne Harris
Advertising Manager
JB Hunt Transport, Inc.
Lowell, Arkansas

Brian, you and your staff have been so helpful through the years that I cannot see us going anywhere else! You have the most readable applications on the Net, making it so much easier for us to decipher who we want to pursue in the hiring process. You’re always ready, willing and very able to assist us with any problem that we have, and there are very few. You were instrumental in helping keep turnover to 41% for the year 2004. I can only urge any one that is seeking to find the very beat drivers in the industry to look no further then Truckdriver.com. Keep up the great work. Class acts like you make our jobs as Recruiters so much easier.
Mike Bottjer
Recruiting Manager
Combined Transport Inc
Voice 800-547-2870
Recruiting Voice 800-290-2327
Fax 800-867-3459

At Sitton Motor Lines we’ve been working with Truckdriver.com for a couple years now. Like everyone else, we don’t have any trouble finding lots of drivers. But we’re committed to both safety and service, so we’re only seeking that elusive good driver. Drivers and owner operators with a good work ethic, a clean driving record, and a great attitude. While there seems to be a shortage of them elsewhere, we’ve found more of our best drivers through Truckdriver.com. These are professional drivers that you’re proud to have representing your company. Truckdriver.com has worked for us.
Steve Bellis
Recruiting Director
Sitton Motor Lines

I hesitate to write this letter because I would like to keep Truckdriver.com to myself. Sure, there are other trucking recruitment websites, and they have their advantages. Nevertheless, I hold Truckdriver.com in the highest regard because of the value-added services you provide. Truckdriver.com is more than a recruitment website, because of the expertise and experience you possess. I have tried many recruitment websites, and you are amongst the elite. I'm looking forward to working together with you for many years to come.
Mitch Bookbinder
L.J. Kennedy Trucking Company

Truckdriver.com has proved to be an invaluable resource in our driver recruiting efforts. Your site consistently provides the most qualified and reliable commercial drivers in the online universe. Stevens Transport has been a subscriber since the inception of Truckdriver.com and the site’s quality and offerings have been constantly improved on. We will continue using the site as it is the benchmark others are judged by. A great big Texas Thank You for helping to keep our fleet rolling with some of the best the industry has to offer!
Craig Robins
Chief Talent Officer
Stevens Transport
Dallas, TX

Thanks for the leads! I am excited with the results of your site since we re-joined with you. Keep it up!
Randy H. Scheel
Director, Driver Development
CRST Van Expedited
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

When I need something changed or updated for one of my clients, the people at TruckDriver.com respond with speed and accuracy. Often, they are the first to make a change and notify me. From setting up a new account, making job postings, and maintaining information, TruckDriver.com's customer service really stands out!
Marliisa Maitland
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator
Communications Development Inc.
P.O. Box 13996
Maumelle, AR 72113
Phone: 501-851-0790

Job Seeker Accolades

After much trepidation, I filled out your application and hit the submit button. I figured it would be at least a couple of days before I would get any phone calls. Was I ever wrong! Before I could get the computer shut down, the phone rang. I estimate it was just about 30 seconds, from the submit button to the phone call. Your client J.B. Hunt got me first, and I liked what I heard from the recruiter. I start work tomorrow morning. Thank you very much for your service. You are tops in my book. Oh yeah, everybody else called the next day, but they were too late! Thanks again.
Roger Ballard

I wish you all a happy day for the job you people are doing. Helping others get a job in the industry. Today I send to you all that message to thank you, and to bless you. God bless people living in America, and once again thank you very much.
Colbert Beaucicaut, Jr.